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The dope idea here is to become the principal go-between for restaurants having extra bandwidth, and entrepreneurs who are actively looking to start delivery-only concepts — to become an essential resource in the building of highly specialized virtual brands.

On the back end, get started by racking up a list of every other restaurant that would welcome an additional source of revenue to complement [or possibly replace] their current base of revenue, and of course qualified by having the necessary available bandwidth. In parallel, document what said capabilities are along with any related equipment. The name of the game here is to establish as large a footprint as possible with lock-in!

Then on the front end, essentially put out a casting call — similarly to how a YC (Y Combinator), Techstars, 500 Startups, etc. would open up their next cohorts — to collect pitches from the would-be entrepreneurs of virtual brands.

The rest writes itself. Collect. Qualify. Connect. And the platform in short order becomes the de facto enabler for entrepreneurs seeking out ghost kitchens to start their virtual brands.

And in terms of monetization, that’s clear as day too — either charge an entry fee from both parities for access, or in-lieu of any upfront fees instead angle to grab a small commission from every future-completed [food] ticket sale moving forward.

In other words, you’ve now become the “Uber for QSRs” — the restaurants are the ones with the cars & drivers (kitchens & chefs) just looking to drive more miles — and the entrepreneurs are simply the passengers needing access to their assets to get from the “A to B” to delivering on their delivery-only concept. 👻

In this model, ancillary services could naturally include the development of the brand IP, securing a legit domain name, but most importantly establishing a USP or a POV — a unique selling proposition, or a point-of-view for their highly specialized product offering.

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